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Training Guide Bow Wow Button Digital dog training button

Bow Wow Button Dog Training Guide

Give Your Dog A Voice!



The Bow Wow Button is an interactive tool that bridges the communication gap between dogs and their owners.  Dogs understand over 165 words.  The trouble is that humans don’t understand dogs.  The Bow Wow Button gives your dog a voice.

First, it is important to understand the essentials of training.  Success will be determined by the amount of effort and patience that you are willing to put forth.  Remember that positive reinforcement, not negative, always works better.  It is also very important to practice frequently.  Plan to spend 5-10 minutes, three times per day, to train your dog.  Even once the trick is learned, reinforcement training must be completed periodically. 

If your dog is already familiar with the “Touch” or “Target” command, then learning to use the Bow Wow Button will be easier.  Skip to the introduction of the Bow Wow Button.  If your dog is not able to touch and object on his own, then we must start with the touch command.  Don’t worry, it is a fairly easy command to teach, and for your dog to learn.

If you have researched dog training, you are most likely aware that there are several different methods available for you to use.  While other methods work well, clicker training has proven to be the most effective, and produces faster results.  The quicker your dog learns, the less frustrated you and your dog will be. 

You will need a clicker.  They are available at  You will need to establish the “clicker association.”  The sound of the clicker is paired with a food reward.  Click and treat the dog.  After a few repetitions the dog will associate the sound of the clicker with a treat.  Timing is important.  Once clicker training is introduced, you must click the second that the desired behavior is accomplished.  Even two seconds later, and you’ve lost him.  For instance, if you were teaching the “Sit” command, you would click the very instant that the dog puts his bottom on the ground.  Tossing your dog a treat should immediately follow.  If your dog already offers his paw on command, or the dog can shake, you can transition this into the touch command.

Teaching the “Touch” command:

-          You will need a large plastic lid, a toy that your dog likes, a clicker, and treats.

  1. Start by moving your hand or the lid slowly on the floor.  Be patient and wait for paw action near the lid or your hand.
  2.  Click as soon as the dog moves his paw near the object, or if the dog actually touches the object. Treat your dog.
  3. If your dog is resistant, put the lid in a place where he HAS to step on it.  For instance, at the base of stairs or directly outside her crate. Repeat the exercise, clicking and rewarding each time your dog touches the object.
  4. Add in the word “Touch.”  Using the word “Touch” is close to the sound of the command “Push” that you will use when you introduce the Bow Wow Button.
  5. Add distance, and different objects to the exercise.  The dog should be touching anything you point toward.
  6. Practice several times a day over several days until your dog fully understands the “Touch” command.


Introducing the Bow Wow Button:

-  Start in a comfortable spot, sitting down on the floor, and use a blank Bow Wow Button, or one with no recorded message.  Command your dog to “Touch” the button.  Immediately click when the dog paws it, and give your dog a treat. 

-Be patient, click any slight touch or tap on the button.  It is important to make your dog feel comfortable with the Bow Wow Button.  If the dog is losing focus, take a break.

-  Transition the command into “Push”, repeat a few times.  Transition the command into “Push the button.”  Repeat several times until the dog is comfortable with the button and it is completely learned.  This may take a few separate training sessions over several days. 

-     Record a 10-15 second message on the Bow Wow Button.  Simply press and hold the record button while speaking close to the button.  This message will correspond to the behavior we want your dog to display, or reward that you will give your dog.

            -     Place the Bow Wow Button near the dog’s food dish.

-     Command your dog to “Touch” the button.  The button is specially configured to require very little pressure.  You will hear the message that you just recorded.  Click and treat your dog. 

            -    Repeat the exercise several times.

-   Change the “Touch” verbal cue to “Push the button.”  Add in a hand sign, usually, moving your hand in a pawing motion, toward the button.  The dog should learn to paw by seeing you give him the pawing motion hand cue.

- Phase out the clicker, and just toss te dog a treat when the dog “pushes the button.”

-   Leave the button near the dog's food dish.  The dog will not actually understand the message you recorded into the button.  That is for YOUR benefit.  Your dog will associate the LOCATION of the button with the desired behavior. 

-  Do not feed your dog without commanding, and waiting, for him to “Touch” the button.  When you put down the food, push the button yourself, reinforcing the button with the food.  Practice several times throughout the day, near your dog's food dish.  Do not move the button after you have the dog pawing it for food.


Using the Bow Wow Button to Communicate with your dog:

-Once your dog knows the “Push the Button” command, your dog can use the Bow Wow Button for almost anything.

- Remember, the key to the success of the Bow Wow Button is LOCATION.  The dog will associate the location of the button with the reward he gets.

-  While the dog will not understand the actual message that you have created, certain words will obviously offer some reinforcement.  For instance, if you are recording a funny message to be heard when your dog wants to play, make sure to use the word “PLAY” somewhere in the message.  If you are using it to teach your dog to go outside, record something like, “Hey lazy bones!  Get up! I need to go OUTSIDE!”  They will recognize the words that you have already taught them.

-  Place a Bow Wow Button near the dog's toy box, or basket.  Command your dog to “Push the button” before you pick up his favorite toy to play.  If the dog brings you a toy, make the dog return to the button and push it before rewarding him with play.  Record something like, "Mommy, I want to PLAY!"

-  Place a Bow Wow Button by the door, and teach your dog to “Push the button” before letting the dog outside.  If your dog is a puppy, and not potty trained, you may want to spend extra time associating the door with outside, and “Going Potty.”  Sit down on the floor by the door.  When your dog pushes the button, open the door, and throw a treat outside.  The dog should actually be moving through the door at the instant you click.  Lure the dog back in and repeat several times.

-Place a Bow Wow Button outside, by the door, and command your dog to push it before letting your dog inside.

-  Place a Bow Wow Button by the front door, or near the leash.  Command your dog to “Push the button” before taking your dog for a walk.

-  Place a separate Bow Wow Button near the dog's water bowl.  Command your dog to push the button before giving her water.  Dogs aren’t extremely motivated by water.   Reward your dog with an ice cube in her dish.  Let the dog lick it a few times before removing it to repeat the exercise.

- Place a Bow Wow Button next to the bed.  If you let your dog sleep with you, command your dog to “Push the button” before allowing the dog up on the bed.

-Place a Bow Wow Button by the pantry, or treat jar.  Teach your dog to push the button before you open the door and give your dog a treat.

-Remember to reinforce by pushing the button yourself as you give the dog the reward she desires.  For instance, push the button as you put down food, as you open the door, as you put on her leash and head out for a walk, or as you pick up the ball to throw it for her.


With repetition and consistency, your dog will learn to use several Bow Wow Buttons throughout the house to communicate with you.  You can change up the messages as often as you desire.  Make them funny, or uplifting.  Record them in funny accents, and give your dog some personality. 

If you are experiencing any difficulty, retreat back to the “Touch” command.  Then, transition into the “Push the button” command.  Once your dog understands this fully, the rest of the training is easy.  It is simply a matter of association.  Again, your dog will associate the location of the button with the reward that he gets when he pushes it.  You can also use the instructional videos that are coming soon on Bow Wow for further instruction.

While the Bow Wow Button offers entertainment value for you, there is nothing like that first time that your dog pushes the button of his own volition.  You should be able to hear the button throughout the house.  Soon, you will be not paying attention, perhaps watching your favorite TV program, and hear “Hey!  I’m hungry over here! I want to eat!”  It is like hearing your baby’s first words.

Dogs will become so accustom to using the Bow Wow Button to communicate with you, that you may have to censor their usage.  Once the behavior is solidified and completely learned, you can start to reward your dog at your own discretion.  For instance, a dog that constantly pushes the button associated with “PLAY” might need to be told no if you are busy.  If your dog begins to push the button associated with his or her food bowl over and over until he gets something he likes, you may need to take the button away until your dog eats what you have put out for him.  During inclement weather, you may want to remove the button associated with “Walk” so that the dog  won’t push the button and be disappointed when you don’t head out in the snow.

Use as many Bow Wow Buttons as you would like.  The more that you train your dog to use, the closer the bond will be between you and your best friend.  The Bow Wow Button magnifies the relationship and immediately solves the communication problem that once existed between man and dog.  Dogs are our best friend.  Dogs are like children to wome owners.  Communication and closeness between you and your dog is crucial to your dog's happiness.  You will feel extremely rewarded knowing that you understand your dog’s wants and needs.  Thank you for using the Bow Wow Button to communicate with your dog.  We hope you and your dog enjoy your Bow Wow Buttons


Now Let’s Get Started And Give Your Dog A Voice!

 The more Bow Wow Buttons that your dog has, the closer you will become to completely connecting with your dog!  Literally hear your dog talk to you in the language of your choice!


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