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Success Stories Bow Wow Button Digital Dog Training

I know that our Bow Wow Buttons have strengthened the bond between our dog Oreo and us!  We recorded some funny messages in British accents, and when he pushes his buttons it cracks us up!  He already knew the "Touch" command.  When we got the buttons, it was literally only a few minutes before he was pushing the button!  The only thing he couldn't do before is talk to us... now thanks to the Bow Wow Button..HE CAN!

 -Fred & Eileen, Colorado 


New Feedback Just In!

* Dustin at Kickingbird Pet Supply reports an unusual Bow Wow Button sale.  His customer had no trouble knowing when the dog wanted out, but didn't know when the CAT wanted in.  Now, the dog (who associated pushing the button with opening the door) pushes the button when he sees the cat waiting outside by the door to come in.  The button says "Time to let the kitty in!"  What a hoot!

  • I put a button by the front door and trained my dog (in a few minutes) to push the button to go for a walk.  The NEXT day, I was sitting in my home office and from the next room I hear "Hey Lazy! Let's go for a walk!"  I was so happy that I almost cried!  I can't believe it! In one day he pushed the button on his own-these are legit.


  • Just got mine- Taught the dog to "touch" while I was waiting for them to get here.  Very cool-


  • I've always been interested in dog behavior, and dog psychology.  Training my dog has never been this easy.  These techniques work great! My dog picked up on it quickly.





"These are so cool
 I was a little afraid that my dog Jasmine wouldn't pick up on pushing the button, but she quickly learned the "Touch" command, and soon she was pushing the Bow Wow Button easily!  I programmed hers to tell me when she is hungry.  It's like my dog is actually talking to me in plain English! She pushes the other one to tell me when she wants to play.  Only problem is that she won't stop pushing the play button!  That's all she wants to do!
                                                               - Kendra, Florida
When our ten year old wanted a dog, we knew that it was more responsibility than she could handle.  But we finally caved and got sweet Molly.  I potty trained her and trained her to use the Bow Wow Button.  Now even if my daughter forgets to feed her, Molly will tell her that she is hungry!  Molly loves the buttons.  She uses the other one to tell when she needs to go outside.  I highly recommend the Bow Wow Buttons.  It was very easy to train our dog to use them.


-Eileen, Brittany and Molly , California

People and Dogs Love the Bow Wow Button!  Dog Training has never meen more rewarding.  The Bow Wow Button is perfect for housebreaking a dog, or training a dog to go outside too!  The digital dog training button is easy to push and playback is loud.  It's easy!  If you can train a dog to sit, then you can train a dog to touch the Bow Wow Button


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