Recordable Dog Doorbell
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Re-Record Your Own Message or Music
Batteries, And Easy Six Step Training Guide Included


            $16.95 Each


             2 For $26.95
                      Plus Free Shipping 
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 1.   Record Your Own Message..
               (Change It As Often As You Like)

        2.  Your Dog Paws The Button...

                3.  Hear Your Message Played Back
                      Just Like Your Dog Is Talking To You!


         Includes Batteries and Easy Six Step Training Guide

                              30 Day Money Back Guarantee

PLUS!  The "Secret To House Training Your Dog Quickly!"

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                           Checkout On

        *  Change The Recording Anytime! 
            Hear The Message Played Back 
            Instantly When Your Dog Paws It!

        *  Multiple Uses- Use One or Six!
               -- Use It By The Back Door ... For Potty Time
                 --  A
t The Water Dish ... So He is Never Thirsty, 
                 --  At The Front Door ... For Walks, She'll Be  
                      your own Personal Trainer!
                 -- By The Treat Jar ... Make Her Do A Trick For It
                 -- Next to The Toy Bin ... Know Every Time He  
                     Wants The Love and Play Only You Can Give!

*  Any Dog Can Learn!   It's Instinctive... Like
            Pavlov's Dog! - All You Need Is Our 
            Six Step Easy Training Guide, a Clicker and 
            Some treats!

                                                                                 *  Large 3" Button - 98% Accuracy
                                                                                     Pawable by Small or Large Dogs.
                                      Optimized for Playback With Even The
                                      Light Touch of Toy Breeds!

                                   *  Loud Enough To Hear From Nearby
Rooms Without Being A Nuisance. 

                                   *  Durably Constructed w/ Rubber Feet
                                      For Stability - Too Large for Dogs 
                                                                                     Mouths, They Won't Chew It or Think
                                                                                     It's A Toy.

                                             *  Perfect For Housebreaking, Stop
                                                 Household Accidents

                                            *   Record Your Own 10 
                                                Message! Change The Recording As 
                                                Often As You Like. Record Funny 
                                                Messages, Music, Ringtone, 
                                                Christmas Carols, or Even Your Own 
                                                Dog Barking!

As Seen In Cesar's Way Magazine                                                             * 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

        Want to Teach your dog to push a doorbell
                  when he needs to go outside?

             Record Your Own  Message!        
        Hear Your Message Played Back 
           Just Like The Dog  
         Is Speaking To You!


"...Not just fun, it's a                           "The Bow Wow Button is   
breakthrough in canine communication.  I                   a f
un and unique gift for any dog owner. We think the dogs like it too."                                            are so used them, I couldn't imagine life      
                                                                                      without them."

            - Teanne Broirer                                                                       
-Charlotte Morris, Bow Wow Button Fan
             Pro Trainer, K-9 Complete Dog
             Training and Boarding

"...We have Four Buttons        "...Everyone's Talking  
   one in the kitchen by his bowl, one at his toy bin,                        About The Bow Wow Button..."
   one at the back door, and one at the front door.                                  ..It's Awesome and Fun"
   It's amazing...just like he's talking to us."                                                          
                -Jerry Smite                                                                          -Robert Randy   

                 Vetrinarian, Prairebrook Animal Hospital                           Pro DogTrainer, Smart Dawgs




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